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Sea Kayaks
Whisky16 3L

Sea Kayaks

Nigel Foster began designing sea kayaks in the 1970's, with the Vyneck, a collaboration with Keith Robinson. This was the kayak he used to circumnavigate Iceland in 1977. Since then he has continued to produce legendary kayaks, each for specific needs.

The image above showing the Whisky16 on the Washington coast was used for the cover of Nigel's book Encounters from a kayak, published by Globe Pequot Press.

The "Whisky Series" produced by Point65;   Whisky16 (Glass-fiber, and Pro-lite), Whisky16 Rocker, Whisky16 Tourer. (3-layer Roto-molded PE)

(Discontinued:  DoubleShot, Whisky18 and Cappuccino)

The "Legend Series" produced by Seaward Kayaks;   Legend,   Silhouette  and  Shadow.

The Rumour, built by Current Designs.

...to take you where you want to go!

For your interest we included the Vyneck  here; Nigel Foster's first kayak design, which influenced his later creations. You can discover more about Nigel, his trips, books, instruction, DVD series and sense of humor on nigelkayaks.com.

...and check out his blog; "Kayaking Stuff"

Nigel's kayak store has a wide range of modular kayaks, paddles and accessories.
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