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The Shadow is a roomy and more stable version of the Legend.

nigel foster Shadow sea kayak built by Seaward Kayaks

Capable of out-maneuvering even the Legend, the Shadow is designed with more stability and a better fit for the kayaker of slightly fuller figure. Like the Legend and Silhouette, the Shadow offers plenty of comfort room for the feet.

Shadow sea kayak on beach in Denmark, Nigel Foster

With its excellent expedition load capacity, the Shadow is a great kayak for that special get-away!

(Seen here on a multi-day trip in the Danish archipelago)

Easy to load through 2 oval hatches and a round day-hatch, the Shadow comes fitted with a comfortable seat with sturdy back-band. Upgrade by fitting a compass, choosing the Kevlar composite option, custom fitting your "foot" bulkhead, a footpump, or "Seaward" rescue straps. Check out "options".

Seaward Kayaks Shadow by Nigel Foster in side view


length 17 feet 10 inches
beam 22 inches
depth 13 inches
cockpit 31 x 16.5 inches
bow compartment cargo volume 78 liters
stern compartment 82 liters
day-hatch volume 42 liters
approx total cargo capacity 202 liters
weight approx. 59 pounds
side view of Shadow sea kayak by nigel foster

Shadow sea kayak padddled alonside sailing ship

The Shadow is built in Canada by Seaward.

Shadow by Seaward Kayaks Nigel Foster view from above