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Echo, by Nigel Foster

The Echo is a higher volume version of the Rumour.

Nigel Foster designed Echo in Seattle

The Echo, exploring beneath the docks of Seattle.

The Echo was designed by Nigel Foster as a mid-volume kayak, echoing the shape of the smaller volume Rumour. the Echo features a key-hole cockpit, low rear deck, oval front and back hatches and a round day-hatch.
Note, the Rumour handles best for lighter paddlers under 150 pounds, while the Echo is trimmed for performance for paddlers from 150 to 190 pounds weight.

The Echo beside the Seattle vessel Echo

Echo beside Echo on the Duamish River in Seattle
The Echo sea kayak has easy loading through two oval hatches and a round day-hatch recessed to the left

Echo kayak designed by nigel foster side view

At 16-feet long the Echo Sea Kayak is swift complex-hull sea kayak.

Echo kayak by nigel foster has two oval hatches and one roundEchoEcho Sea Kayak is a larger version of Current Designs RumourECHOnigel Foster Echo is larger Rumourecho

nigel foster ECHO