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Whisky16 3L


The Whisky18; the expedition version of the Whisky16, offering greater carrying capacity, increased hull speed and tracking yet keeping the easy stability and turning characteristics of its smaller sister!

Paul on the Huang Pu River, China

Following the incredible success of the Whisky16 comes the Whisky18! As with the Whisky16, here is a comfortable, easily maneuvered and stable craft to inspire confidence. A great kayak in which to develop skills, it has generous loading capacity, making it an ideal craft to take you on your self-contained expeditions.

For the experienced paddler it is a spirited touring kayak. With its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, the Whisky 18 is designed for negotiating rough waters and for having fun on surf and current. It also provides an ideal platform for instructing.   

Made in vacuum-bagged fiberglass, or in lighter-weight Pro-Lite with an infusion molded Kevlar/carbon hull. The Whisky 18 has two large oval hatches; aft and bow, a large round day hatch behind the padded cockpit for access to items while on the water and the "Whisky hatch", a smaller round hatch in front of the cockpit which opens to an under-deck compartment.  

The compass recess on the fore-deck accommodates a Silva 70P compass which is optional. The Whisky 18 is standard fitted with a retractable skeg and footrests. As an option it is also available with a rudder.

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