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Silhouette sea kayak by Nigel Foster built by Seaward Kayaks Canada

Kristin Nelson paddles Nigel Foster Silhouette sea kayakSleek, slender, speedy and seductive, the Silhouette is a great choice for Greenland skills and for effortless cruising for the smaller paddler. (more than once the winner in its class in the Everglades Challenge race, Florida).

Kristin Nelson paddles Silhouette in Sweden

Kristin Nelson stands on deck of Seaward Kayaks Silhouette, by Nigel Foster

Standing on the back deck of the Silhouette is regarded by some as tricky. It takes practice, good attitude and a ready smile!
(photo Thomas from Orust Kajak Sweden)

Side view of red Silhouette by Nigel FosterDimensions

length 17feet 10 inches
beam 20.5 inches
depth 12 inches
cockpit 31 x 15 inches
bow storage volume 66 liters
stern compartment storage 64 liters
day-hatch storage 30 liters
approx total cargo storage 160 liters
weight in fiberglass approx. 55 pounds

Produced by Seaward Kayaks in Canada.
Side view of Silhouette sea kayak, nigel foster

Catching a wave, Silhouette in Sweden, Nigel Foster with seaward Kayaks

The early Silhouettes (like this one) had a small "ocean" cockpit.

Two men carry a Silhouette with kayaker

... and (sometimes) a chivalrous launching system...

Launching a Silhouette

...to keep the paddler dry....

Standing on a Silhouette sea kayak, Kristin Nelson and Nigel Foster

Kristin Nelson stand on the back deck.

Sleek, fast, easily-edged, easy to roll, low-profile for smaller paddlers...

red Silhouette kayak top view, Seaward Kayaks, nigel foster