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Whisky16 3L

The Whisky16 3L
sets the standard for fun kayaking!

If the Whisky16 offered the most control and fun in conditions,  the Whisky 16 3L adds the robust durability and peace of mind of tough 3-layer rotomolded plastic.

The Whisky 16 PE is manufactured by Point 65 north.
A startlingly reactive performance kayak with quick take-off on the wave and great glide.
Easy stability and edge control
A delight! reassuringly predictable in conditions.

2 options: Whisky 16 Rocker and Whisky 16 Tourer
Plus a commemorative Rocker

Ready to go! Anniversary model center

Some color and model options:
From left,
Dark blue with orange Rocker (note Keyhole cockpit)
Yellow Tourer (the non-keyhole cockpit)
Limited edition Commemorative Rocker black/white camo
Red Tourer,
Light blue Tourer
Lime Rocker

Angled view of Whisky 16 3LThe W16 3L has all the features of an expedition sea kayak

Top view of Whisky 16 with contrasting inside color3 bulkheads
2 oval hatches and one round day-hatch,
Front deck whisky hatch
Retractable spring-loaded rudder (no cable to kink)
Key-hole cockpit for performance (wider cockpit front in Tourer)
Performance seat
Recessed deck fittings with deck lines and bungees
Easy-adjust foot-braces

Side view Whisky 16 Kayak shows skeg down

Tough 3-layer polyethylene (PE) adds stiffness for performance.

The full color range of Whisky 16 3L
Colors: blue, light blue, lime, red, orange, yellow, purple

Whisky 16 in tough 3-layer plastic

     Go Play!

Whisky 16 3L

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