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Whisky16 3L

The Whisky 16 ROCKER

     Red Whisky 16 Rocker
Top view of Point 65 Whisky 16 RockerPoint 65 Whisky 16 Rocker Blue by Nigel Foster
The Whisky 16 ROCKER

FOR THE EXPERIENCED PADDLER the Whisky 16 Rocker is perfect for getting in and out from between rocky outcrops, surfing on tidal races and maneuvering. It is personal model of choice of Roto-molded Polyethylene (PE) for Nigel Foster. With its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, the Whisky 16 is designed to make the most of rough water, surf, and currents. It is perfect for day trips but spacious enough for a self- contained expedition paddling.

THE WHISKY 16 ROCKER has a more distinctive Rocker compared to the Whisky 16 Tourer: that is it has a more distinctive banana shape. This makes the Rocker more maneuverable and nimble. Just what you need for riding wind waves, control surfing, playing in rock gardens along the coast and for the most fun in current.

The Tourer on the other hand with less rocker offers better tracking  and marginally more speed.
Skeg down in red Whisky 16 by Nigel FosterTHE 3-LAYER PE CONSTRUCTION gives the Whisky 16 stiffness and strength while decreasing the weight. The Whisky 16 has two large oval aft and bow hatches, a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water, and the Whisky hatch, a smaller round hatch in front of the key-hole cockpit that opens to an under-deck compartment.

Nigel Foster paddling Blue Whisky 16 Rocker

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Whisky 16 Rocker

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