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Whisky16 3L

20 year edition Whisky 16 ROCKER

Special Edition Whisky 16
20 years of Point 65 10 years collaboration with Nigel Foster


2017 was a special year for Point 65 and Nigel Foster. It marked not only Point 65’s 20th anniversary but also Nigel Foster’s 10th anniversary of collaboration with Point 65. To commemorate both events, Nigel Foster and Point 65 released a limited edition exclusive version of the Whisky 16 - the Whisky 16 Rocker 20/10.

The Whisky 16, Nigel Foster’s choice of kayak for rough water paddling, designed by Nigel Foster and produced by Point 65, is now available in stiff and impact resistant 3-layer polyethylene for stress-free performance. The Whisky 16 Rocker 20/10 is the highest performance version of the Whisky 16, outstanding for nimble turning and precision control. The commemorative limited edition has been produced in a unique color combination for this special anniversary

The limited number release is in a special white/black fade effect, featuring lime colored deck-lines and a carbon fiber seat. This combination is not otherwise available for this model, ensuring that each commemorative kayak remains unique and easily identified as special. Each special Whisky 16 Rocker 20/10 is also mounted with a unique numbered identification plate celebrating this landmark event. Only a limited number is available, after which no more of this anniversary edition will be produced.
Side view of commemerative issue kayak

Numbered identification plate for limited edition Whisky 16

Whisky 16 Rocker 20/10

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