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Whisky 16

Whisky16 composite

Whisky16 composite was the foundation for the Whisky16 series Whisky16 Rocker, Whisky16 Tourer and Whisky16 20/10

Nigel Foster showing sculling support in Whisky 16 Kayak

(photo by Bob Burnett)

Nigel Foster Whisky16 in yellow with red trim

Whisky16 composite is currently out of production while Point65 focuses on its polyethylene (PE) molding.

Nigel Foster shows performance kayak Whisky16 in video

Nigel explains the Whisky16 on a short YouTube video.

Nigel Foster dropping into tubing wave, in Whisky16, Sweden

(Photo by

Malte Danielsson)

Kristin Nelson paddles Nigel Foster Whisky16, Sweden

The Whisky16 is an agile playboat and touring kayak.


White Whisky16 kayak, Nigel Foster Point65
The Whisky16 is designed for rough water, surf and current, and for tight control close to the impact zone in coastal waters. (Justin, in Sweden)

David Foster in Whisky16, Seattle, Whiskey Point65On gentle water, here is an easily controlled and stable craft to inspire confidence. It is an ideal kayak in which to develop skills.

(David Foster, in Seattle)

Whisky16 Sea Kayak Point65, Nigel Foster

White Whisky16, Sweden, Nigel Foster point65With plenty of carrying capacity for journeying for a few days, the Whisky16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners where its nimble turning is a delight.

(Justin in Sweden)

The Whisky16 has two large oval hatches, fore and aft, and a day-hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water. In addition, the "Whisky-hatch", a small round hatch on the front deck close to the cockpit, opens to an under-deck compartment useful for small items.

Richard Ohman ends a wave ride, Sweden, Point65
The padded key-hole cockpit and dynamic seating position provides close contact for rough-water playing.

(Richard Ohman of Point65 in fine form!)

The compass recess on the fore-deck accommodates an optional Silva 70P compass. The Whisky16 comes standard with a retractable skeg, but is available with added rudder if you prefer.

Nigel Foster rides wave past camera in Whisky 16, Sweden Point65

Easy take-off!

Find out from Nigel why the Whisky16 is shaped the way it is. You-Tube video.

Whisky16 fiberglass or Pro-Lite, Point65 Nigel Foster

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